Q1. What is High Pressure Gas Safety Act?
A1. High Pressure Gas Safety Act is the law which aims to regulate the production, storage, sale, transportation and other matters related to the handling of high pressure gases, their consumption as well as the manufacture and handling of their containers and to encourage voluntary activities by private businesses and the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan for the safety of high pressure gases with the purpose of securing public safety by preventing accidents and disasters caused by high pressure gases.

The website of Japanese Law Translation offers the English version of Act.
Please refer to Article 1 of Act.



Q2. What is high pressure gas?
A2. Please visit the website in A1 and refer to Article 2 of Act.
Q3. I'd like to know about Japan Industrial Standards (JIS).
A3. As to JIS, please refer to Japanese Standards Association.
As to Japanese Standards Association, please visit the association's website at http://www.jsa.or.jp/default_english/default_english.html
Q4. I'd like to export and sell high pressure gas equipment or container for high pressure gas. Please introduce us to affiliated companies.
A4. We are sorry, but we are not in a position to introduce certain specific companies or individuals to you, since KHK is an independent and disinterested institution.