Designated Equipment

Reference Clauses of the Act : Art. 56-3, para. (1)

It means producing equipment for high pressure gas for which it is provided that inspection of its design, the quality of its materials, and the equipment in the process of production shall be especially needed to prevent the occurrence of a disaster such as a high pressure gas explosion. Designated Equipment are classified as Class 1 Designated Equipment and Class 2 Designated Equipment according to the categories of materials used for it.

(1)   Containers other than those set forth in items (i) through (x) below are specified as Designated Equipment, and their designated support structures are also included in Designated Equipment:

(i) containers to which the Container Safety Ordinance  applies;
(ii) containers to which the Regulations on Safety of Containers Relating to International Reciprocal Recognition apply;
(iii) containers recognized as Specified Equipment;
(iv) a container when the product obtained by multiplying the value of its design pressure in megapascals by the value of its internal volume in cubic meters is not more than 0.004;
(v) a container whose internal volume is not more than 0.001 m3 and whose design pressure is less than 30 MPa;
(vi) containers relating to a pump, a compressor, or an accumulator;
(vii) containers relating to a buffer such as a shock absorber;
(viii) containers relating to a measuring instrument, such as a flow meter or level gauge, and a strainer;
(ix) containers relating to an air bag gas producer for an automobile; and
(x) containers relating to a storage battery.

(2)   Designated Equipment should include the body of the Designated Equipment and the part to the first joint of a nozzle neck, manhole, or the like fitted to the body (including cover plates fitted to the nozzle neck, manhole, or the like) and its designated support structure and should not include pipes, valves, and the like. However, pipes built in Designated Equipment when the Designated Equipment is manufactured should be included in the Designated Equipment when it is difficult to inspect the pipes in a Completion Inspection.

(3)   Designated Equipment should include the following:

(i) Designated Equipment for producing high pressure gas (except for equipment for storage relating to production) should include towers, reactors, heat exchangers, vaporizers, condensers, furnaces, and other containers similar thereto; and
(ii) Designated Equipment for storage relating to production of high pressure gas should include storage vessels/storage tanks (spherical, flat-bottomed cylindrical, vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, and bulk storage vessels/storage tanks).