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1. Disclaimer

(1)While English resources on the KHK Website include the English translations of some provisions or words and terms contained in relevant Japanese laws and regulations, it should be noted that they are not official English translations endorsed by the Government of Japan.

(2)It should also be noted that KHK reserves the right to modify, block, or withdraw any information on the KHK Website without prior notice.

(3)KHK will in no way be responsible or liable for any damage resulting from any use or unavailability of information on the KHK Website, suspension or discontinuation of the operation of the KHK Website, or any modification of information on the KHK Website under any circumstances whatsoever.

(4)While KHK pays attention in all respects on the occasion of posting information on the KHK Website, KHK makes no warranty as to the completeness, usability, accuracy, and safety (in connection with the occurrence of errors, normal operation of various devices or functions, modifications of defects, intrusion of computer viruses or any other malware into the KHK Website or servers, or the like) in the context of using such information.

(5)KHK will in no way be responsible or liable for any damage resulting from any content of third party websites to which the KHK Website is linked or the use of such third party content.


The copyrights and other rights to all information posted on the KHK Website are retained by KHK, original authors, or other right holders.

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Users are allowed to use such information on condition that their use constitutes “private use” or “quotation” and strictly conforms to the rules specified below.

(1)Use for profit-making purposes is prohibited.

(2)The use should not cause detriment to KHK.

(3)Modifying the content in whole or in part is prohibited.

(4)Copyright ownership must be clearly indicated.


KHK has no objection to linking to the KHK Website, except for linking from any websites described as follows.

(1)A website containing any content created with the intention of slandering, denigrating, or discrediting KHK or any third party

(2)A website created with the intention of infringing on KHK’s or any third party’s copyrights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights

(3)A website attempting to display its content through linking to the KHK Website with the intention of executing commercial transactions

(4)A website contravening public order in any other respect

Framing a link to the KHK Website on a third party website is prohibited because such display is likely to mislead users about who is the originator of the information. Links from any third party website must be directed to the start page of the KHK Website (https://www.khk.or.jp/english/).

Established: March 23, 2019
The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan