Import Inspection

Reference Clauses of the Act : Art. 22

It means an inspection which a person who imports high pressure gas has to go through regarding imported high pressure gas and its container. The import inspection shall be conducted by the prefectural governor having jurisdiction over the place of landing, the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan, or a designated import conformity inspection body. Only after it is recognized that an imported high pressure gas and the container filled with the high pressure gas conform to the technical standards for import inspection (after a notification report on having gone through the import inspection is submitted to the prefectural governor in the case that High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan or the designated import conformity inspection body conduct the inspection), the importer may transport the high pressure gas from a bonded warehouse.

Moreover, in an inspection of a high pressure gas and its container, the high pressure gas shall pass a contents validation test regarding high pressure gas, and the container shall pass a safety test regarding containers.