Designated Equipment Inspection

Reference Clauses of the Act : Art. 56-3

(1) It means an inspection which a person who manufactures or imports Designated Equipment has to have the Designated Equipment undergo.
However, regarding the following Designated Equipment, the person does not need to have it undergo a Designated Equipment Inspection:

(i) Designated Equipment manufactured by a Registered Manufacturer of Designated Equipment or Registered Foreign Manufacturer of Designed Equipment for which a designated equipment standards conformity certificate has been issued;
(ii) Designated Equipment provided for export or other Designated Equipment when it is evident that it will not be distributed in Japan; and
(iii) Designated Equipment provided for being used in tests and research when the Minister of METI recognizes that the Designated Equipment is as safe as it had passed a Designated Equipment Inspection.

Moreover, Designated Equipment manufactured in a foreign country to be exported to Japan may be made to undergo in the foreign country an inspection by any of the agencies set forth in paragraph (2) before being exported.

(2) A Designated Equipment Inspection shall be conducted by the Minister of METI, the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan, or an Authorized Inspection Agency for Designated Equipment.