Designated Equipment Inspection


Overview of the system

The inspection is mandatory for manufacturers or importers of the Designated Equipment (a tower, storage tank, heat exchanger, or other pressure vessels used for production and storage of high pressure gas, for which the product obtained by multiplying the design pressure, expressed in MPa, and the internal volume, expressed in m3, exceeds 0.004), pursuant to Article 56-3 of the High Pressure Gas Safety Act (the “Act”).

For the equipment that passed the Designated Equipment Inspection, part of the inspection items are omitted at the time of Completion Inspection of facilities for the production of high pressure gas.

Standard process flow from Permission for Production of high pressure gas to Completion Inspection of the facilities

Subject of inspection

Manufacturers or importers of the Designated Equipment are subject to the inspection.

Inspection description

The inspection is conducted pursuant to the relevant regulations and manuals, starting with design inspection and followed by materials inspection, fabrication inspection, welding inspection, and construction inspection in the presence of inspectors, for confirming that the technical standards laid out in the relevant regulations have been met.

Standard inspection process flow

Application procedures

The application forms and manuals are posted on our Japanese website. Click here if you wish to read through them.
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