Self-Inspection Stamping or Marking Plate

Reference Clauses of the Act : Art. 46, para. (1), item (iii) and Art. 49-25

When the Minister of METI, prefectural governor, High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan, or an Authorized Container Inspection Agency conducts a container inspection of a manufactured container, if that container has passed that container inspection, the inspector shall stamp the container, or attach a marking Plate to the container if it is difficult to stamp the container. Regarding a container manufactured with the approval of the Minister of METI for the type of that container according to the registered class of the container, a Registered Manufacturer of Containers may stamp the container or attach a marking Plate to the container, for itself, without going through a container inspection conducted by a third party organization, such as the Minister of METI. Such stamping is referred to as “Self-Inspection Stamping,” and the stamping including marking Plates is referred to as “Self-Inspection Stamping or Marking Plate.”
Moreover, the same applies to accessories.

ref. Stamping (container), Stamping (accessory), and Marking Plate (container)