High Pressure Gas Equipment Test


Overview of the system

The inspection system is for conducting hydrostatic test and leakage test, and verification of the strength of compressors, pumps, piping, valves, and other high pressure gas equipment, pursuant to the Notification below.

The certificate issued for equipment that passed the high pressure gas equipment inspection is utilized at the time of Completion Inspection or Safety Conformity Inspection of facilities for the production of high pressure gas. In particular, the prefectural governor confirms the conformity of equipment by the high pressure gas equipment inspection certificate, and, concerning that equipment, omits part of the inspection items of Completion Inspection or Safety Conformity Inspection.

Notification: Accreditation of a person conducting test pursuant to the provisions of Item 11, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the General High Pressure Gas Safety Ordinance and a person who is manufacturing pursuant to the item 13 of the same Paragraph (Notification No. 12 dated March 23, 2018 by the Director-General for Technology Policy Coordination and Industrial and Product Safety) (Posted on the Japanese website here

Standard process flow from Permission for Production of high pressure gas to Completion Inspection of the facilities

Subject of inspection

Manufacturers or importers of high pressure gas equipment are subject to the inspection.

Inspection description

The inspection is conducted pursuant to manuals, starting with checking of the sufficiency of strength based on assembly drawings, detail drawings, and strength calculation documents, followed by wall thickness measurement, hydrostatic test, and leakage test in the presence of inspectors, for confirming that the technical standards laid out in the relevant regulations have been met.

Standard inspection process flow

Application procedures

The application forms and manuals are posted on our Japanese website. Click here if you wish to read through them.
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